A range of fluxes for covering, protecting and cleaning molten aluminium.

REFINEX range of fluxes are used for covering and drossing molten aluminium. REFINEX fluxes are also available for modifying aluminium – silicon alloys, for recovering aluminium from dross, for reclaiming chips, turnings and borings and for removal of oxide build up on furnace walls.


Covering fluxes reduce oxidation losses of aluminium during melting. Thus improving the yield of molten metal from the charge.

Drossing-off fluxes absorb oxides and non-metallic inclusions. It reduces the incidence of inclusions in the castings and also reduces the loss of metal through the dross.

Modifying fluxes improve the mechanical properties of aluminium – silicon alloys by refining eutectic microstructure.

Recovering fluxes help extract maximum aluminium from hot dross.

Reclaimed fluxes minimise the melting losses associated with the melting of chips, turnings and borings.

Furnace cleaning fluxes retain the melting capacity and efficiency of furnace while improving the life of the refractory lining.