BatchPilot, is a system with unique technology for accurate electronic measurement of furnace heel weights and transfer weights. It is based on the principle of measuring changes in the furnace hydraulic cylinder pressure with furnace tilt angle.

A major proven benefit of the BatchPilot system is that it brings an overall increase of more than 15% in productivity without the need to install new capacity. This is particularly relevant in the current scenario where markets are recovering but billet production capacity is lagging behind and ingot and billet premiums have grown by more than 50% this year.

With the prevailing premiums, which are now at an all-time high, the present payback time for a 70MT BatchPilot system is only one month in terms of the productivity gains it brings.

The BatchPilot system is fully established in production usage with over fifty units installed in casthouses around the world. An automated unit is available with full automation of the measuring cycle and automatic integration of data generated into the plant batching calculation.

The complete BatchPilot system can be tailored and customised to individual customer needs.

BatchPilot furnace heel and transfer metal weighing system.